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Important information
To ensure that your camera functions optimally, please note:

1. Always protect your camera from falls, shocks and blows.
2. Keep sufficient distance from objects that produce strong magnetic fields or radio waves, such as electrical appliances, to prevent them from damaging the product or impairing sound and picture quality.
3. Keep the product cool (at room temperature) in a dry, dust-free place and never expose it to high temperatures or permanent direct sunlight.
4. For best results, we recommend using high quality Micro SD cards up to 32GB or 64GB (depending on model) Class 10 with U3 High Speed or higher.
5. Format the memory card in your camera’s settings menu before using it for the first time.
6. To avoid potential data errors, do not place Micro SD cards near strong magnetic objects.
7. In the unlikely event of overheating, smoke, or unpleasant odor from the unit, immediately disconnect the charger cable and remove the battery to prevent fire.
8. Keep the unit away from children during charging.
9. The product should only be charged via the USB port of a laptop or computer or a USB power supply with a maximum of 1000mAh.
10. The recording time depends, among other things, on the selected resolution.
11. Battery life is - depending on settings and outside temperature - up to 90 min. under optimal conditions.

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In case of complaints
Customer / end user is in charge of the inbound shipping costs to the easypix Service Center.
For devices repaired in the warranty period, easypix is paying for the freight costs back to the customer within (EU) european union members.

For returning a product please contact your local dealer/point of purchase.

Technical email support:

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